Daily Lunch Menu

PRICE: M1 a M2: 4,28 €
PALEO: 6,60€

Monday 24.04.2017

P: Chicken broth / garlic soup with croutons

M1: Caré baked in bread crust, potato mash

M2: Smoked spaghetti with champignons and spinach, grated cheese

Paleo: Chicken steak in Tikka Masala sauce, vegetable


Tuesday 25.04.2017

Chicken broth / Demicate

M1: Chicken steak with peach and cheese, ½ rice, ½ French fries

M2: Homemade sweet dumplings with poppy

Paleo: Grilled lemon grilled lemon sponge, spinach with fresh green asparagus


Wednesday 26.04.2017

P: Chicken broth / Vegetable broth with semolina dumplings

M1: Pork roasted meat on kiwi and beer, spinach-potato mash

M2: Lasagna with ham, zucchini and moldy cheese “niva”

Paleo: Grilled tenderloin with dried prunes and apples and baked dill


Thursday 27.04.2017

P: Chicken broth / Potato pepper soup

M1: Beef rolls filled with root vegetables, steamed rice

M2: Carnation plates with cheese, homemade tattoo sauce

Paleo: Guinea-pig skewer with bacon, onion, pepper and mushrooms, batat dollar chips


Friday 28.04.2017

P: Chicken broth / Lentil with sausage

M1: Chicken steak with potato wedge with egg and peas

M2: Fried vegetables with garlic dressing, cooked potatoes

Paleo: Salad with rucola and cherry tomatoes, chicken slices, grilled sunflower seeds


Weekly menu: Fried cheese with cooked potatoes, tartar sauce (classic price – 4,28€)