Daily Lunch Menu

Monday 21.8.2016:

Soup: Pumpkin creme

M1: Chicken steak with blue cheese sauce, rice

M2: Falafel with boiled potatoes and garlic-herbs dip

M3: Trout on butter and rosermary, grilled vegetables

Tuesday 22.8.2016:

Soup: Bean soup with wide noodles

M1: Pork roll filled with cheese and bacon, baked potatoes with cumin

M2: Zucchini-potato pancakes with sheep cheese dip

M3: Chicken „pocket“ filled with beet, lettuce salad with pumpkin seeds

Wednesday 23.8.2016:

Soup: Beet-horseradish soup

M1: Chicken breasts baked with peach and cheese, rice

M2: Gentian cheese in puff pastry dough, salad

M3: Grilled salmon with pea puree

Thursday 24.8.2016:

Soup: Spring vegetable soup with potatoes

M1: Pork sirloin on cream, dumplings

M2: Lentil curry with fresh herbs and rice

M3: Chicken steak with fresh spinach leaves and mozarella, carrot puree

Friday 25.8.2016:

Soup: Miso soup

M1: Cream penne with grilled chicken pieces, champignons and cheese

M2: Fired cheese with boiled potatoes and tartar sauce

M3: Grilled pork tenderloin with raw zucchini salad