Daily Lunch Menu

M1,2: 4,28€
PALEO: 6,60€

Monday 26.06.2017

Chicken broth / Vegetable soup with beans and potatoes

M1: Pita chicken burger with lettuce and tomatoes, French fries

M2: Cannelloni with cheese and spinach

PALEO: Pork tenderloin, green salad with rucola and cherry tomatoes

Tuesday 27.06.2017

Chicken broth / Champignon soup

M1: Roasted pork on beer, potato gruel, home made cabbage

M2: Green salad with corn, tomato, grated cheese and egg

PALEO: Chicken Steak, vegetable on steam

Wednesday 28.06.2017

Chicken broth / Potato soup (acid)

M1: Chicken Stroganoff with stewed rice

M2: Fried cheese with cooked potatoes and tartar sauce

PALEO: Goat steak with batat puree

Thursday 29.06.2017

Chicken broth / Tomato soup

M1: Beef meat with root vegetables and mushrooms, with home halos

M2: Cauliflower in dough, potato mash

PALEO: Roasted lobster in prosciutte, with vegetables on the grill

Friday 30.06.2017

Chicken broth / Clear pea soup with dumplings

M1: „Černohor“ – Pork breaded, roasted potatoes, Chinese cabbage salad

M2: Creamy spinach risotto with cheese

PALEO: Grilled salmon with baby spinach leaves and beetroot purée

Have not you selected meals from our menu? This week you can order Aglio, olio, pepperoncino s parmezánom in menu price – 4,28€