Warhol - 10* Bed Dorm

from 10€ per night

“Fame, Mass Production, Luxury! „Art is what you can get away with.”
This room carries the name of the Prince of Pop, Andy Warhol. The son of Slovak immigrants from small village, Miková. Andy made his way from a Pittsburgh working class family to an American pop art legend. In 60’s he began with paintings of products such as cans series of Campbell’s soup in his famous studio called – The Factory, located in Union Square in New York. Along with the soup painting our visitors can enjoy an wall paintings inspired by Warhol’s series paying tribute to Marilyn Monroe.
The room is located on the second floor with shared bathrooms and toilets. In the big, spacious dorm are four bunk beds (8 places) and two separate beds at the back side of the room. There are lockers for each bed inside there and it´s possible to get an extra bed for a group.
Room Size 55 m2
Bed Type 8x Bunk Bed, 2x Separate Bed
Shared Bathroom 2
Balcony No
Wireless Internet Yes
Locker Yes
Non-Smoking Yes